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November 2011

The first thing I want to start with in this letter is a recognition of someone who put a lot of years in this organization and was a friend to all who met him. Dave Marten has hung up his shingle and is doing what we all are waiting to do. Dave was most recently the Treasurer of HIA and did an excellent job of keeping the books for us. I know when I first started in the organization he helped me get my feet wet, introducing me to people and explaining the backgrounds of many of the members. From the business side, he always had the answers to my questions about where we were financially and what we should expect.

Dave, many members have missed you already and we are all hoping you will drop in once and awhile. You are more than a work acquaintance, you are a friend. Enjoy the retirement, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

I would like to also acknowledge Kathleen Smith of Wulfwerks, for stepping into Dave’s shoes temporarily as well as continuing our web and email work. Also to be acknowledged is, Rose Garcia of ASN Natural Stone (also our host for the Treasure Island presentation) who stepped forward when we asked for people help in leadership. Thank you to Kirk Wayland of Dunkirk for hosting the America’s Cup program.

In our last two sessions we heard about the plans for the America’s Cup and for Treasure Island. Both meetings were exceptional. Thank you, Don Howard, for your continued hard work. You amaze me each time with exceptional programs that are set up for HIA. If any of you are working on projects such as new restaurants, hotels or other hospitality venues and think you may be able to arrange a tour, call Don Howard to let him know what you can do.

I know the economy has been tough for all of us, but let us keep our heads up and plow forward. This is a time when networking is even more important, so keep coming to the events planned by HIA and become or renew your membership soon.

We do want to hear your ideas on any subject. Please take the time to email us and let us know what you are thinking. I would especially like to hear from some of the newcomers as a fresh perspective is good for any organization.

God bless all of you as the holidays approach. Be safe, try to stay sane, and enjoy each day.

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